Spill The Ink

One Page a Day

automatic writing Ritual


147 HC     Black Crow Coffee     St. Pete FL


If I could read a chapter & write a page,
I think then my day could be okay.
If I could find how much money I need
to make a day.
Maybe I could figure out how to generate
in a more compassionate way.
Generate a selfless way that gives back to my self-care
in a multitude of trades.
Hands dirty in the garden
Shoes muddy from the walks
Hand paints & sidewalk chalks
Funny faces that try to make tiny child talk.
Looking for humor once again
cause I don't want to grow into one of this
older cynical men.
So we house clean with meditations
clean the soul with sun salutations.
Even if we just come to the park to say hello.
Brewing tiny beads of sweat on your brow
Making big plans in tiny kitchen
feeding the future and the eternal now.
Brain rattles with thoughts and plans
but the ledge you’re able to know
is the shadow of now and never tomorrow.
Feeling the brilliance of ecstatic moment
you will never be able to hold, but you could own it.
Paying tuition with your emotion,
keep that concert of abundance music flowing.
For some of us lack the inspiration
to see it through
And like gods we all are.
In our life we need a muse.
Food for the follow-through.
Reminding that we don't have to be front page news
to live our truth.
So, we write a page & read a chapter
for every rise and every set.
Seeking tranquil life,
with more of less.