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08.18.21 Writing Practice
Today I thought to myself, how many awakenings will I be given in my life?



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I believe that we are given only so many awakenings in our lifetime.

These awakenings are large gravitational realizations. 

They pull on your core to bring about tidal shifts in your inner magnetics.

Keeping you for a day suspended in something beyond poetic.

It is like seeing death up close then coming to the conclusion that you to will die.

It is that death that re-awakens the sunlight in your soul asking yourself what if I died today?

Magnifying all the leaps we can still take and the jumps that are out of reach.

The deeper you begin to awaken, you begin to realize the more life you live.

The more chances are taken from you.

You see the gratitude of the day sweep in like a solar flare burning away all the impurities in your way.

So, in an attempt to not be grandiose.

To leave out all the hyperbole of my life.

I will make this awakening stick. 

For the next half page, I will speak to you as if I were speaking to myself.

As I begin to imagine what is still in my reach. In exactly 20 days from this moment 08.18.21 07:48 AM.

I will be closer to the age of 40 than I will be at the age of 30. 

I remember this moment when I was 25 and what feels like yesterday the decade passes me again.

I want to be honest with myself I am not where I thought I would be, but if I show myself grace.

I can not believe where I am today.

I knew deep down inside I could make a life as a writer and I had to push to the side everyone’s beliefs about how to do just that. 

For the past 4 years, I have procrastinated, dilly-dallied, been a young boy in a candy shop. 

Yet, this is what I needed to make my ART come alive.

 That was one of my awakenings it was a trust with the world that it would support me in my effort to turn my life around. 

Now, I have been given another awakening a new sense of purpose with new energy to throw behind it. 

Without fail, I will turn 40 in 5 years and 20 days I can decide now to make the best of these years.

Or I can wander around while pointing my bow at any target that passes my way.

Constantly eating the lowest-hanging fruit.

Instead I can give myself discipline and create a discipleship with myself that will offer me a feeling of success I have only felt a few times in my life

Just so we are clear this will not be EASY, but it doesn’t have to be hard either.

There are 1,845 days until I am 40 the magnitude of all these days can not be grasped in just one day.

So, we must chop it up and with tiny steps, we build our mountain.

First, we must unleash this sexy-ass body onto the world. 

Do not cover up all the potential you have hidden under the past few years of potato chips this doesn’t suit you.

Second, we must unlock all the pain from our past and I believe the only way you will accomplish that will be through breathwork.

It is time you cry like a little baby and cleanse that liver.

The third is financial we must take this part of our life seriously.
This old chord has been making chaos for too long and it is my responsibility to change the course of my family tree for the better.
Educating myself on the ways to make a comfortable life knowledge is power, but we must step to the ledge of our own knowing to experience this knowledge.
To feel it and then to make it part of who we are.

The combination of knowledge and experience is the true poetic way.
It is the alchemists’ way,  upon this new awakening I will take these words these declarations
and turn them into real tangible gold for my future.......